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Speculative future of cohabitation between people and wild animals.

Berlin Wild Life presents visionary ideas that describe how we could organise cohabitation with
wild animals in the city of the future. We invite the citizens of Berlin to engage in a debate about
urban wildlife. With several interventions and installations, we create spaces for discourse in the
public domain. We influence the general perception of wildlife through these designed experiences.
Our interventions and installations are for once provoking and aim to stimulate debates about
the purpose of wild animals in cities, but they also imply –speculative – solutions.

Photo: Michael Burton

The city of Berlin evolves to a space for negotiation between people and wild animals.

Berlin is the most species-rich capital in Europe. We count about 20.000 different species at the
moment, yet, constantly, we can see new species arriving. It is Berlin’s special history on the one
side and its star-shaped settlement development on the other, that makes it easy for the animals
to migrate to the city centre. Where other capital cities show orderly designed, concreted spaces,
Berlin still allows a certain degree of »chaos« with its fallow lands and abandoned buildings.

The city becomes a hunting ground.

In most cases, we stay unaware of the wild animals. But when people notice the animals around
them, conflicts almost automatically arise. Wild city animals are regarded as annoyance or even
threat. Following a general public opinion, all »ownerless« animals must leave the city. Berlin
city council’s reaction was to employ about 30 city hunters, who can be asked to »eliminate« the
unwanted animals.

What can we do for the animals–what can they do for us?
Strona Susanna Hertrich & Michiko Nitta
tutaj i tutaj.


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