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Posthumanities Series
Series editor: Cary Wolfe

An interdisciplinary series that engages the changing shape of the humanities, Posthumanities investigates the many ways that the human has been entangled in complex relations with animals, the environment, and technology for which the theoretical and ethical understandings of humanism are no longer adequate.

Books in the series:

Susan McHugh
Animal Stories
Narrating Across Species Lines
volume 15 | Available May 2011

Dominic Pettman
Human Error
Species-Being and Media Machines
volume 14 | Available May 2011

Thierry Bardini
volume 13 | 2011

Jakob von Uexküll
A Foray into the Worlds of Animals and Humans
volume 12 | 2010

Jussi Parikka
Insect Media
volume 11 | 2010

Isabelle Stengers
Cosmopolitics II
volume 10 | Available Spring 2012

Isabelle Stengers
Cosmopolitics I
volume 9 | 2010

Cary Wolfe
What Is Posthumanism?
volume 8 | 2009

John Protevi
Political Affect
Connecting the Social and the Somatic
volume 7 | 2009

Nicole Shukin
Animal Capital
Rendering Life in Biopolitical Times
volume 6 | 2009

David Wills
volume 5 | 2008

Roberto Esposito
volume 4 | 2008
Donna J. Haraway
When Species Meet
volume 3 | 2007

Judith Roof
The Poetics of DNA
volume 2 | 2007

Michel Serres
The Parasite
volume 1 | 2007



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