„Culture Machine”, Vol 7 (2005) Biopolitics Edited by Melinda Cooper, Andrew Goffey and Anna Munster

3 Kwi

Czasopismo dostępne online:
Biopolitics, For Now HTML
Melinda Cooper, Andrew Goffey, Anna Munster
Nomos, Nosos and Bios HTML
Eugene Thacker
Living Differently in Time: Plasticity, Temporality and Cellular Biotechnologies HTML
Hannah Landecker
Biopolitics and Connective Mutation HTML
Recreational States: Drugs and the Sovereignty of Consumption HTML
Kane Race
The Affect of Nanoterror HTML
Luciana Parisi, Steve Goodman
Big Pigs, Small Wings: On Genohype and Artistic Autonomy HTML
Ionat Zurr, Oron Catts
Why Is BioArt Not Terrorism?: Some Critical Nodes in the Networks of Infomatice Life HTML
Anna Munster
Differential Life, Perception and the Nervous Elements: Whitehead, Bergson and Virno on the Technics of Living HTML
Andrew Murphie
Rethinking Reductionism HTML
Maria Hynes



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