RSA: Arts & Ecology oraz Gustav Metzger

21 Mar

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Arts & ecology: the legacy
Following five successful years the RSA Arts & Ecology Centre, a partnership with Arts Council England, has come to a close in its current form. Drawing from what we have learnt in that time, the RSA is developing an arts programme specifically concerned with sustainability, place making and the contribution of the arts to public life.

A key part of the RSA’s forthcoming interdisciplinary project Citizen Power, our arts and social change programme will begin by encouraging the city of Peterborough to become a place of creative engagement. For the next two years, a programme of innovative events, participatory arts projects and artists’ residencies will weave into the fabric of the city to encourage people’s sense of identity, attachment and sustainability.

Trafiłam na tę stronę, kiedy szukałam informacji na temat Gustava Metzgera i jego radical art. RSA przeprowadziło z nim ciekawy wywiad na temat pojęcia zmiany społecznej na polu sztuki. Polecam!

“I thought one could fuse the political ideal of social change with art”



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