Transagriculture (2008): Bruce Sterling

15 Mar


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TransAgriculture is a one-day manifestation featuring penetrating introductions to the field, lectures on guerrilla and avant-gardening, and bioart forms.

Bruce Sterling was speaking at this event. One of the founders of the cyberpunk movement in science fiction, and known for creating new words or neologisms that he finds are missing, Sterling was raised in Austin, Texas, and then several years in India.

Aside his extensive writing, fiction and non-fiction as well as articles, he started some interesting projects: the Dead Media Project that collects information on ‚dead’ media technology (; and the Viridian Design Movement, that concerns itself with the creation of a ‚green’ high-tech design ( that led to the Worldchanging Blog (

Since 2003, he is Professor at the European Graduate School, where he is teaching media and design.

Currently based in Turin, Italy, from where he travels extensively giving speeches and attending conferences.




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